Главная » Пытки » “Wet job” of the Nizhny Novgorod police: two police investigators of the Nizhegorodsky district Directorate of the Interior drowned a man in the Grebnoy Canal
Апр 27, 2009

 The Interregional Committee against Torture invites mass media to a press-conference devoted to this incident.

   On 29 April 2009 at 11.00, in the office of Information Agency “Interfax” victim Alexey Yakimov and Igor Kalyapin (Interregional Committee against Torture) will report about the crime committed by Nizhny Novgorod policemen.

   At night on 5 April 2009 Alexey Yakimov, being near the River boat station, was unlawfully detained by the police, taken to the Nizhegorodsky district police station located on the embankment   where he was tortured for many hours on an improvised rack. Later the battered man with multiple fractures and injuries was taken to the Grebnoy Canal where the police placed him handcuffed into ice cold water and tried to drown him.

   Mr. Yakimov managed to survive only by good fortune. When he was released from hospital, he applied to the Committee against Torture, Prosecutor’s Office and Internal Security Directorate of the State Directorate of the Interior.