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Мар 27, 2009

   According to regional NGO “Man and Law” and information obtained by the Committee against Torture which lawyers support the mother of deceased officer Dmitriy Lebedev, the investigation authorities have charged major Mikhailov under three Criminal Code articles – murder, attempted murder and abuse of powers.

The atrocious crime at a traffic police station near Volzhsk last year was discussed all over Mariy El.

At night on 5 July 2008 local traffic police officer, major Mikhailov, all of a sudden started shooting at his mate Lebedev and killed him. Artem Turanov, police officer from Volzhsk, who was inspecting the station was also fired at by the deranged major. Fortunately, it was just a wound.  

Major Mikhailov tried to commit suicide, but he failed. The following day criminal proceedings were started. Soon the case will go to court.

After that incident on a summer night, a number of officials from the Volzhsk Department of the Interior were subject to disciplinary punishment for insufficient control over performance of duties by their subordinates leading to death and injury of their colleagues.

Press-service of the Interregional Committee against Torture

Press-service of regional NGO “Man and Law”